The Orient Pirate Radio Group is the first group to offer remote stations around the world. Although nothing new in the HAM radio community we are seeing more and more stations appearing on 11M.

What is an OP Remote Station?

You TX/RX using your PC/Mobile Phone/Tablet to control and operate the OP Station via an HF rig which is also connected to a PC. You then control the OP Remote station using your PC via software. The O.P Remote station then sends YOUR signal via the HF rig in to the antenna to the world as normal. It’s really quite simple..... Radio operated via PC/Smart Phone/Tablet remotely!

What are the advantages?

If you suffer high QRM at your shack you can now have an alternative to use an OP Remote Station QRM free located in an alternative location.

Using the OP Remote Station you have the chance to make QSO to different people, different areas and different countries.

When we run the OP Net we could have a guest station take part each week from a different country via the Remote Station even if there are no skip conditions from the operators QTH.

Will it cost me?

No! It will cost you NOTHING but ONLY YOUR TIME to help with set up and any input.

If you are interested in operating a remote station or want to host one from your QTH then please contact us via the CONTACT button where we offer you all the advice you need. We have full instructions on set up and it’s as EASY as 1, 2, 3….


Please note you MUST be an OP MEMBER to use any OP remote station








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