Special Event Station

?? OP 30 A

30 Years of Oscar Papa Radio Group

1981 – 2011


We are 30 Years old.  Who would of thought eh?





RETRO NET every Sunday Night

19.00 – 22.00 Hours GMT

27.535 USB (+/- 10 KHz if QRM)


What is a RETRO NET?...

RETRO NET is a normal NET but using retro, classic, vintage CB equipment.

Purpose:- To have fun with classic CB gear!nnj

Equipment Permitted:-  classic, vintage CB radios, amps, mics, processors, antennas etc as long as its CB related.

Equipment NOT permitted:- No HAM (Amateur) Radios, linears, antennas or amateur related equipment.

Rules: -  None, but please try and use retro CB gear to participate.

Invitation:- Open to everyone. We welcome all groups not just OP members.

Net control:- Initially held from Avon, Soms, Wilts, Glous areas but this can change as things grow. If you interested in NET controlling from your County then please contact OPRG.


Hope to hear you all on frequency.





26 OP 141


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