Are you interested in joining and becoming a LIFE MEMBER in one of the oldest and most established 11M SSB clubs in the world for Free? Then read on...

The Orient Pirate Radio Group does not operate like other radio groups who ask for yearly subscriptions. O.P believes that no money should be made from running a radio club and membership should be as free as the airwaves as they are transmitted on!

OP membership is FREE but to join you have to contact an OP member to recommend you to the group or take part in OP nets on a regular basis so OP can vet your station. Unlike lots of other groups we focus on quality rather than quantity as this keeps a tight ship. This is why when other groups have come and gone OP has remained solid for 30+ years with no break in service and will continue to reign for years to come.

       ·         All new memberships will be Free for Life.

       ·         You will never be asked for money at any time.

       ·         Both DX and local operators are welcome. O.P Group in not all about DX!

   ·         Membership is open people in all countries as long as you operate

      11 SSB only.We are NOT an AM/FM group.

OP Membership will include


      ·         Assigned Lifelong OP Call Sign.

      ·         OP Virtual Certificate.

      ·         OP Virtual Directory.

      ·         Invitation to attend world/regional meetings.

      ·         Invitation to participate in DX expedition/contests.

      ·         Access to OP remote stations.

Interested? Click on the ONLINE JOIN FORM button.

(The Orient Pirate Radio Group have the right to refuse membership).




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