The Orient Pirate Radio Group was founded in Oostmalle, Belgium, on the 5th August 1981 by Carl 1 OP 001. Carl's wish was to create a radio group composed of good radio operators from different countries who have a passion for QSO either local or DX on 11 Meters SSB, regardless of race, religion or political beliefs.

The first Oscar Papa Radio Group countries prefix list was made following the already established DX Clubs present on 11 Meters Band, i.e. the E.C. Club (Earth Club) from Brazil. E.C and other clubs of that period believed that wherever the club was founded then that was to be Division 1, hence Carl's prefix above is 1 OP 001 (not 16 OP 001). However moving with times in June 1996 the O.P Group and others clubs now follow an International Standard, i.e. 1 Italy, 2 USA, 3 Brazil and so on.

In a short time the O.P group had many members in many different countries in all five continents. Most were English speaking, but as the group expanded we found new members applying from Asia, Africa and other non-English Speaking countries.

Before the Internet boom, virtual QSL'ing and E-mailing; the O.P Group supplied various international QSL cards, directories, log books, rubber stamps (with the infamous Avanti Moonraker 4 antenna), stickers and envelope seals.
Country Directors were also assigned to maintain a good standard in each division but unfortunately on the 23rd September 1983, (and after only two years of management) Carl 16 OP 001 sadly passed away.  This came as a great shock to everyone and especially to Carl's best friend and Vice President of the group Danny 16 OP 002. Unfortunately Danny felt he was too young to take over the group and therefore it was decided that Danny's father Frank 16 OP 003 was the best person to carry on running the group in Carl's honour.

Frank continued running the group for many years but in 1995 after 12 years of management Fabio 1 OP 114 was to be appointed as new world director in June 1996 and later 26 OP 141 Tim to act as vice president. Frank 16 OP 003 however was to remain as honorary OP president. This has continued to this day.

 The OP group and its members are now one of the most respected and renowned 11 meter radio groups in the world.

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